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Jeeva Mozhi - Malayalam Bible Devotionals & Gospel Sermons

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Source: Gulf Brethren Voice(FB)

O Nepal! (Bro. Rajan Thomas reports on Nepal)

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Nepal is a nation sandwiched between India and China, another Hindu nation in the clutches of superstition and idol worship. The nation yet continues  as an underdeveloped one, snail slow  in transportation and has to spend several days or even  weeks by foot  to descent from and  to come down to a point where there is some sort of transportation available to commute to other part of the world.  Therefore, often these tribes are preferred to be&#...

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The Life and Times of Anthony Norris Groves

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Father of Faith Missions - A Book Review

The Life and Times of Anthony Norris Groves by Robert Bernard Dann

(Book Review)


    This is a book you must read in your life. "Modest and unobtrusive, Anthony Norris Grove did not consider himself a gifted evangelist.  His name is not usually mentioned alongside William Carey and Hudson Taylor, but Groves had a pioneering influence that went beyond his personal reach.  He and his family followed...

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