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Letter from Evg. S. Sakthi Devadoss, Tiruchirapalli

Posted by Brethren News on February 26, 2013 at 11:10 AM

Dear beloved in Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, Wrote with love and prayer.

We pray for all of you as family & assembly.

I have noted here the books published through this publication for the past several years for your prayer and praise.

Eighteen books (in TAMIL Language)of twenty thousand copies have been published so far. Out of these, two books were sent for sale. The money is given back to them those who help the printing of the two books. So with the exception of few books other eighteen thousand books were printed and distributed freely.

First, the books are published for politicians: (1) Overthrew kingdoms, (2) Smite to Atheism,     (3) Chastity Norms (for Women)  were published for the Gospel Ministries. Because of these were published in daily news papers, they spread from Kanyakumari to Kashmir.  Many receive salvation and some of them persisting in our assemblies until today.

Secondly, for the believers: (4) God’s Plans & Decisions, (5) Ten separate lecture (first part) ,  (6) Ten separate lecture (second part ).

Thirdly, For assemblies: (7) Worship ,  (8). Father thy time has come, (9). Come and See,        (10) Righteous Judgment, (11) Child of God, (12) Glorious Kingdom ,  (13) Glory of Miracle  (poem)  were published.

Fourthly, for Theological Students: (14) The Tabernacle and its Illustration( Notes), (15) The Tabernacle and its Illustration (text book)  (16) The Mystery of Holy Bible Treasures were published.

Fifthly, Reprint of (17) Come and See and  (18) Righteous Judgment  were reprinted and all the books were given freely.

Also, more than fifty thousand copies of fifteen gospel tracts have been printed and distributed through the Gospel Camps conducted by us.

I am very grateful and express my sincere thanks to all the brothers, sisters, evangelists, elders and assemblies of Christian brethren community of Tamilnadu and Kerala for the publication of above books. Also I pray the Lord to fulfill the rewards completely.

Apart from my assembly ministry here, I participate other assembly ministries upon their invitation.

Also now, I have written completely the following books and print jobs are in the preparatory stage. (1) Biography of our Lord Jesus, (2) True Wisdom Medical Care Centre (Written by hiding the truth of church), (3) Concordance of numbers.

Also, I am preparing in a book form for the hundreds of articles that I wrote for Christian magazine in the following titles 1. Bible Repository, 2. Knowledge Repository, 3. Commentary on Revelation.

Please remember all the above of my Lord’s ministries in your personal, family and assembly prayers to receive His blessings and grace to enable me to glorify Him and honor Him.

Thanking you

Yours in Him




125(19/2) – II STREET



Ph : 09944005799, 9789197192

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