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NIBI Outreach

Posted by Brethren News on May 1, 2013 at 10:20 PM

NIBI Outreach: 

Dear Beloved Brethren in Christ,

As we have been planning and praying for some time,the Lord enabled us to arrange outreach in different places. One team went to Punjab, Haryana and Hanumangrah. They all had good time in the ministry.Another team went to Andhra Pradesh. Former and the present NIBI studentshelped us in the outreach. All meetings were well attended and the Lord enabledto minister the Word. We beseech your valuable prayers that the Lord may workin the hearts of the people and bring forth fruits. We also visited some of theformer NIBI graduates. It is a matter of great joy and we Praise God in seeingthem toiling hard in His Vineyard. 


Lord willing we pray and plan for an extensive outreachwork in SHAHKOT, Punjab from Monday 17th June to Thursday 20th June2013. Shahkot, Punjab, is the home village of some of the believers in Alwar. Late Jagirchand had a great desire to see an Assembly testimony in hishome village, since he joined our fellowship. We already had one outreach inthis place and the response was tremendous. This time we are planning this work with the cooperation of all the Workers in Punjab. We plan to arrange Bible study, House visit and Outreach work during the day and Gospel Meetings in theevenings.  We beseech your valuable prayers for all the arrangements andthe financial needs. Pray that the Lord may help us to establish an Assembly testimony there, for there are some new believers in that place.



In the Master’s work



Johnson Baby


North India Bible Institute

Source: Prayer Always


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