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Christians persecuted in Andhra Pradesh, India

Posted by Brethren News on November 8, 2011 at 11:15 PM

The Kerrala YMEF [N.D] team members were in Andhra once again for the hearing of their case, but it has been postponed to January 2012. The team, therefore, had to return to Kerala but will have to keep visiting Andhra Pradesh till the case comes up for hearing and till a decision is made by the court.

Meanwhile brother Joy Samuel from Kalamasseri Assembly (Kochi) was also in AP because the team vehicle is registered in his name. Rs 3 lakhs as security amount had to be deposited to release of the jeep. Once the legal formalities are over, the police will return the jeep and then only can it be driven back to Kerala.

For More details, Contact:
Bro. C.P. Paulose: +91 9496311797
Bro. M.C. George: +91-9440644933
Andhra Team Cell No. P.V. Johny (Team Leader): +91 9704053717


Source: Brethren Assembly News



Brethren Gospel (YMEF ND ) Team back in Kerala:

Source of Image: Brethren Assembly News


Update : The political unrest in the Telangana area is making things little difficult. Its almost a month & the work in Courts, Govt. Offices and other departments have come to a standstill. The vehicle (Jeep) of our brethren is still in police custody. The release of the Jeep is a priority. But the authorities want a security deposit of Rs 4 Lakhs. The financial situation of YMEF (N.D.) is not good. The arrested Brethren also needs to report & sign at the Police Station on every Monday. This has made it difficult for team members return home or re-join work. One of the team member, Bro Raveendran (Chirakkekode, Kerala) must join his duty as a security cum driver at Aswini hospital Thrissur on 15 October 2011, otherwise his job will be lost. He also faces a lot of opposition from his family members when he went for the Gospel work.

The Brethren Gospel (YMEF) Team was released from Jail in Andhra Pradesh on 27th evening. During their stay in the jail, 8 Jail inmates Accepted Jesus Christ as their Saviour. Praise the Lord! The Jailer apologized to our brethren about not being able to take care of them in a better way. He was in tears when he released our brethren from the Jail.

Earlier the Young Men's Evangelistic Fellowship Team (North Division) Team which has been working in Andhra Pradesh was taken into Police Custody and sent to Jail. The team from Kerala had been doing local gospel work with the cooperation of the local Brethren. Around noon today, four brothers from Kerala state and 4 brothers from Andhra Pradesh were taken into police custody when they were preaching the gospel in streets under the jurisdiction of Dharmapuri Police Station in Karimnagar District of Andhra Pradesh. A hostile group started misbehaving with the team members. Soon a big crowd formed blaming the Brethren from Kerala of coming and converting the locals. Police arrived at the scene and tried to disperse the crowd. As their efforts failed, the Police took the 8 Brethren in protective custody and took them to the Police Station. The hostile crowd soon reached the Police Station and prevailed over the Police to act. A case has been registered on our Brethren and they were sent to Jail.

Source: Vineyard Voice (Oct 16, 2011)

For Urgent Prayers!!

YMEF (North) Team In Police Custody: Young Men's Evangelistic Fellowship Team (North) which has been working in Andhra Pradesh (South India) is reported to be in Police Custody. According the news that has reached us, four brothers from Kerala state and 4 brothers from Andhra Pradesh were taken into police custody when they were preaching the gospel in streets of Harinagar, Andhra Pradesh.

According to the information that BAN has been able to gather, the brothers were preaching peacefully, and with full police permission. However, a group of people hostile to the Christian gospel started a strong verbal attack. They also incited the crowds to attack these Christian preachers. Soon the police arrived and took them away saying this is for their own safety. However, such a large crowd of anti Christian people gathered and protested at the Police Station that the Police have been forced to keep all the 8 brothers in the Police Station itself.

Please pray that the legal procedure that these brothers will have to undergo might not cause them any harm. Also, please pray that they might be protected from all physical and mental harm and abuse, and that they might be given the basic minimum facilities like food, toilet, and clean drinking water. [News alert to BAN sent by Dr. Benoi, TCR]

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